SmartAVI’s Audio Series delivers user-friendly management over the latest in digital audio sources. Including audio splitters, audio switches and digital-to-analog audio converters, these products are plug-and-play ready and feature the utmost in audio fidelity. SmartAVI has also developed “audio signage” with the AudioBlaster to manage audio announcements, in-store music, telephone hold messages and a host of other key audio functions.

The digital audio management devices SmartAVI offers deliver critical solutions for the control of the latest audio sources that utilize Toslink and Coaxial ports. With splitters, switches and converters available, nearly any digital audio need can be handled by these easy-to-use products. SmartAVI is an innovator in the realm of “audio signage” with the newly-released AudioBlaster, giving users and system architects a quality tool for disseminating audio announcements, news, emergency bulletins and much more.

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