Digital Signage

Digital Signage

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Digital Signage Hardware

Display valuable marketing information to an audience through a digital signage system. Digital signage players by SmartAVI have the ability to display a variety of media formats to communicate targeted messages to a viewer. A player can be located anywhere in the world while supporting high resolution of up to 1080p. SmartAVI digital signage players were designed with the common user in mind to implement amazing presentations without advanced training..

Digital Signage Software

Create captivating digital signage content through digital signage manager software. Digital signage manager software by SmartAVI provides users with the ability to display various media formats into one informative screen. The manager software can manage an unlimited number of players from a centralized location by accessing the digital signage network via the internet. It can schedule contents in real-time, making it the perfect solution for displaying emergency announcements and live content feeds.

Digital Signage Accessories

Enhance your digital signage network by using SmartAVI digital signage accessories.

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