SmartAVI Expands Its Business in the UK Market with New Distribution Partnership

SmartAVI is expanding its reach in the global marketplace by creating a new distribution resource for its UK customers.

North Hollywood, CA (August 11, 2015) – Now is the era of the global marketplace. Companies no longer have to do business only in their home state or even their home country; now they can maximize their potential by doing business all across the world. SmartAVI, a Pro A/V company, is committed to participating in the global market to bring the best audio/video technology to an international customer base. With rising international demand, SmartAVI is increasing its business in the United Kingdom to give UK customers easy access to all of their technologies.

SmartAVI has begun a new partnership with UK company ITM Components in order to better serve its overseas clients and to provide local distribution of SmartAVI’s products. This new resource will be extremely beneficial to UK clients, offering easier access to a variety of technologies through a trustworthy local source. With this partnership, SmartAVI can offer its international customers the best solutions in Pro A/V equipment, including video walls, digital signage, secure KVM, extenders, switches, and more.

It is SmartAVI’s mission to bring powerful and often complex audio/video technologies to the average user by making these technologies intuitive and easy to use. SmartAVI is dedicated to making everything easier for its customers, and that includes the process of acquiring the right solutions for any environment. Working with a UK company to distribute products will simplify the process for customers in the United Kingdom and make it easier for them to find the solutions they need.

The audio/video solutions offered by SmartAVI have a wide variety of applications on an international scale. SmartAVI is committed to bringing the most innovative and up to date technologies to satisfied customers around the globe.

Find the ITM Components website here:

Two innovators in fiber optic technologies have joined forces to deliver the fastest, longest and most flexible HDMI-over-fiber-optics extension technology.

North Hollywood, CA (January 21, 2015) – To create the ideal all-in-one solution for HDMI signal extension over the best fiber optic cabling on the market, pro A/V electronics manufacturer SmartAVI and fiber optic cable manufacturer Cleerline Technology Group have joined forces. Using SmartAVI’s HFX HDMI extender and Cleerline’s SSF™ multimode fiber optic cables, systems architects can implement an uncompressed, high-quality HDMI routing solution that breaks the distance boundaries of HDMI signals.

The key is Cleerline’s unique fiber optic cables, which can be bent and kinked in ways that no other fiber optic cables can. Using a proprietary patented polymer and years of research and development, the company’s cables offer 10,000 times the “bendability” of its competitors’ products, allowing users to use it in situations they previously couldn’t use fiber optics.

Similarly, SmartAVI’s HFX HDMI extender provides the most reliable and user-friendly device to transmit uncompressed HDMI signals, with support for resolutions up to 4K. With extensive testing and research, the HFX provides the most dependable point-to-point extension of HDMI signals available on the market today. And since HDMI connections transmit audio as well, there’s no need for any additional audio devices or cabling to get full high-definition video and audio.

“This partnership with Cleerline enables us to deliver a fully packaged product that is highly flexible and fits virtually all users’ needs,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “This is the most effective, reliable and affordable solution for HDMI signal extension on the market.”

The pairing of these two industry leaders will create the all-in-one HDMI extension solution that had previously challenged and limited integrators since HDMI signals arrived in the market.

“Fiber is the next step in all forms of connectivity, and it’s ideal for high definition signals,” said Rick Sant, a representative for Cleerline. “SmartAVI offers the HDMI extension products we’ve been waiting for.”

SmartAVI Expands Its International Reach to Germany with New Distribution Partnership

SmartAVI is committing itself to the global market by creating a new resource for its fast-growing German customer base.

North Hollywood, CA (August 11, 2015) – With the rise of communication and transportation technology, the world has become a global marketplace. Pro A/V company SmartAVI is dedicated to participating in this international market to bring the best audio/video technology to wherever it is needed in the world. With growing demand in the German market, SmartAVI is increasing its business there to provide customers with easy access to all of SmartAVI’s technologies.

To better serve its European clients, SmartAVI is partnering with German company U.T.E. to provide local distribution of SmartAVI’s equipment. This partnership will offer a valuable resource to German customers, who can access product and ordering information in their native language, through a trustworthy local source. This new resource will help SmartAVI work with its international customers and provide them with the best solutions in Pro A/V equipment, including video walls, digital signage, secure KVM, extenders, switches, and more.

SmartAVI’s mission is to bring powerful, complex audio/video technologies to the average consumer by making these technologies intuitive and easy to use. The company seeks to make everything as easy as possible for its customers, and that includes the process of acquiring the right equipment with the right features for any situation. The partnership with U.T.E., along with the dedicated German-language website, will make this process easier for German customers who will not have to cross a language barrier to find the solution they need.

The audio/video solutions offered by SmartAVI have a wide variety of applications on an international scale. SmartAVI is committed to bringing the most innovative and up to date technologies to satisfied customers around the globe.

Find U.T.E.’s catalogue of SmartAVI’s products here:

With eight inputs, local and remote outputs, and support for resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD, the newly released SPS-1000 Smart Presentation Switcher offers incredible flexibility for multimedia presentations.

North Hollywood, CA (January 30, 2015) – Interfacing a wide variety of electronics with HDMI displays for audio-visual presentations is easier than ever with the new SPS-1000 Smart Presentation Switch from SmartAVI. This eight-port, multi-platform presentation device features HDMI, DVI, VGA and RCA inputs to accommodate nearly any kind of content player, from PCs to Smartphones to live cameras, just to name a few. With scaling technology built in, users’ content will look its best, no matter what connection is being used to interface with the switcher.

The SPS-1000 offers a local HDMI output as well as a remote HDMI output with the SPS-RX extender, which can extend signals up to 325 feet from the switcher over an inexpensive Cat5e/6/7 cable using HDBaseT technology. Breaking this challenging distance barrier is key to improving connectivity in a boardroom, classroom or other meeting environment. The device features four HDMI inputs, two VGA inputs, one DVI input and one RCA input, making it easy to connect virtually any content player to an HDMI display.

To get the most out of the latest in ultra HD content, two HDMI inputs on the SPS-1000 can bypass any scaling, which allows the device to support input and output resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD (@30Hz). For the other inputs, supported resolutions and scaling go up to 1920x1080 (@60Hz).

The SPS-1000 is designed to provide a variety of control options to fit virtually any application. With RS-232 and LAN connections, users can control the device from a remote laptop. The extension receiver unit is equipped for both RS-232 and LAN signals, as well. The SPS-1000 also features front-panel buttons for easy switching right from the device itself.

“The SPS-1000 is the answer to a lot of problems people face when trying to give presentations,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “With so many options, virtually all content is easy to display using this presentation switcher.”

New HDMI POE Extenders over Cat5/6 from SmartAVI Give Users Flexibility in Inexpensive Signal Extension

May 13, 2015 Los Angeles, CA -- For uncompressed Power over Ethernet (POE) HDMI signal extension, the new series of extenders from SmartAVI provide the answer users need. With the new HDX-POE, users can extend HDMI,IR and Power signals  over single cable up to 250 feet. Using POE allows for transferring electrical power via the same cable which gives users the freedom to install with no power at a remote place. The HDX-POE extenders also enable the user to choose the POE direction from transmitter to receiver or vice versa. This device also supports IR extension.

SmartAVI developed these products to expand its line of HDMI extenders with guidance from customer feedback. With the HDX-POE, users will find an affordable device that utilizes HDBaseT technology. The remote power technology, gives users an aggressively-priced and user-friendly system to manage wire organization.

A key feature of the HDX-POE is its use of inexpensive cat5/cat6 cables. These are the same cables that people rely on to deliver LAN and Internet signals. For the extension of HD signals, cat5/cat6 cables provide users with an economical way to send crystal clear HDMI signals quickly and effectively.

HDX-POE can be considered a further enhancement to the existing HDbaseT standards.  It doesn't, however, require many changes to the older Ethernet cabling or equipment with the exception of adding a power injector to the cat5/cat6 cables. This technology can also be powered by plugging in any side of the extender or plugging it into both sides. 

The biggest benefit of the HDX-POE is it allows for a centralized power backup. This helps all the extenders to be operated from a centralized point. Also, if further HDX-POE were to be added, they can be directly linked to the center point.

“Users need the freedom and flexibility to create the right signal flow for their needs, and our newest signal extenders give systems architects lots of options,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “Even better, these are cost-effective solutions that are easy to implement.”

For more information on the RKT8 and to learn more about all of the professional AV products SmartAVI offers, visit

The newly-released VNET+16P and VNETX-16P KVM switches enables quick and user-friendly control over 16 computers using consolidated combo KVM cabling.

North Hollywood, CA (November 19, 2014) – To control up to 16 different computers from a single workstation using high-resolution WUXGA video connections, the new and improved VNET series from SmartAVI delivers top-quality control and switching capabilities. Using KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) technology, these 16-port switches enable a single user control all of the connected PCs, one at a time, using just one monitor, keyboard and mouse. These new switches provide a hardware-only solution with no need for software or drivers.

The new VNET+16P uses combo KVM cables to consolidate the connections for cleaner and more efficient implementation and control. Similarly, the new VNETX-16P uses combo KVM cables that also provide the benefit of 130 feet of signal extension over Cat5 connections, enabling users to design a system that doesn’t require the user to be next to the connected computers.

Both devices deliver quick and user-friendly switching through the OSD (On Screen Display) and the front-panel switches. Users can choose to connect a mouse and keyboard through the switches’ USB ports or PS/2 ports. Both of these new WUXGA KVM switches support auto-scan mode for easy discovery of the connected computers, and they also feature full keyboard and mouse emulation.

“The VNET series makes it easier than ever to manage many PCs from a signal workstation,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “These devices are easy to install, durable, and, as always with SmartAVI’s product line, aggressively priced.”

Let's face it. Today's business world is so much more competitive than it was just twenty years ago. Companies of today have to find new and more innovative ways to stand out from the competition or risk being left behind. And nowhere else is this trend more prevalent than in the fast paced marketing world. Being able to bring life your products and services above the fray is the only way to ensure that your audience is seeing them so that they can purchase them. However, finding the creativity to do this is becoming harder and harder to do, but is absolutely vital to any business model.

The good news is that there is one solution that can help you rise above the fray and get your products and services noticed. Smart AVI is the leading provider of high quality AVI solutions designed to help you elevate your marketing strategy. They can help you get your message out to a greater number of potential customers across the globe.

Technology has become increasingly important in overall marketing strategies for businesses in all industries. And, in order to accommodate the ever changing marketing needs of companies all over the world, Smart AVI introduces the SignageLite: The Smallest Digital Signage Player in The Market.

The SignageLite from Smart AVI allows you to easily create, manage, and schedule advertising content as well as restaurant menus and special promotions via the easy to use WI-FI player. The SignageLite can accommodate true 1080p video display to ensure that your promotions are being seen in the crispest, clearest resolution possible. And each image is reproduced in high resolution, high quality dazzling images that are vibrant in color to increase visual appeal.

What's even better is that you can manage multiple locations from one place. This functionality allows you to save time and money as well as ensures that all of your locations are communicating the same, uniform message to your customers, no matter which store they are in. And, they are small enough to fit into any location without the worry of losing valuable space in tight offices and storefronts. Cord clutter is reduced, keeping your overall décor design intact. And the easy to use interface makes setting up and scheduling promotions and advertising campaigns foolproof.

So, if you are ready to take your marketing to a whole new level, consider installing the most effective digital marketing device on the market today: the SignageLite by Smart AVI. You'll be surprised at just how affordable effective marketing can be.

The newly-released AudioBlaster delivers a user-friendly “audio signage” management tool, and the rest of SmartAVI’s new audio series enables control over the latest in digital audio sources.

North Hollywood, CA (December 8, 2014) – Building on its highly successful digital signage line of products, American electronics manufacturer SmartAVI today launched the AudioBlaster, a compact device that allows users to manage “audio signage” functions with ease. From multi-storefront audio systems to telephone hold music and everywhere in between, the AudioBlaster is a critical piece of equipment for disseminating audio in virtually any venue.

The AudioBlaster features USB and LAN ports, giving users the ultimate in control over their audio needs. Users can control the device from virtually anywhere when it’s connected to the Internet, or they can load all the audio they need onto the device and let it run. The AudioBlaster also offers handy scheduling functionality so users can dole out audio announcements at just the right time.

SmartAVI has also released several new digital audio devices as a part of its new audio series. Among the new items are the SMA-AD400, a digital-to-analog audio converter; the SMA-D300, a three-output digital audio splitter; and the SMA-AM44, a four input and four output digital audio switch. These devices provide simple plug-and-play operation and offer compatibility with the latest in digital Coaxial and Toslink connections.

“Our customers have been looking for a more usable audio signage solution, and we are happy to serve those needs,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “Along with the rest of our new audio series, the AudioBlaster delivers top-notch quality and a low price point.”

The newly-released MXWall from SmartAVI is an HDMI video matrix with fully integrated video wall and digital signage technology, with configurations up to 32x32.

Electronics manufacturer SmartAVI is proud to announce its latest development, an HDMI matrix that fully integrates the power and control of a video wall processor and a digital signage controller all in one device, the MXWall. With expandable configurations up to 32 HDMI inputs and 32 HDMI outputs, this new product delivers the highest level of video content management that has ever been put in one device.

Further setting the MXWall ( apart from all other video router solutions on the market is the unit’s totally customizable control. With a drag-and-drop GUI and no additional software or drivers required, users can easily manage exactly where their content goes. In real time, users can create a multi-screen display of any of the 32 inputs in any section of the 32 screens. Users can route multiple 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 configurations of various sources, or stretch a single image across all 32 screens with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The MXWall also includes a built-in digital signage player. This enables users to create their own customized content with video, images, HTML 5 widgets and more, and they can choose exactly where to display it among the 32 screens. The MXWall offers the full functionality of SmartAVI’s SignagePro, a product used the world over in demanding environments.

Other features include: real-time display with no dropped frames; HDMI 1.4 and HDCP compliance; output resolutions up to 1920x1080; all inputs scaled to 1080p; control via Ethernet, RS-232 and front-panel switches; and an integrated media player for video, images and web browsing with local storage.

“This is the most powerful, fully-consolidated device ever developed by SmartAVI,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of the California-based manufacturer. “There is practically no limit to what the MXWall can do, and still it remains impressively user friendly.”

For more information on the MXWall, visit SmartAVI also procured GSA approval earlier this year, highlighting the full range of security and dependability offered by the manufacturer.

The newly-released DPN-4P and DPN-4Duo KVM switches give users control over four PCs with DisplayPort video output, including support for single-head and dual-head PCs.

North Hollywood, CA (December 17, 2014) – To control KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) on four computers equipped with DisplayPort video outputs, the new DPN-4P and DPN-4Duo KVM switches from SmartAVI provide the ideal solution. These new KVM devices deliver quick, efficient switching between four PCs all from a single workstation.

The DPN-4P can control four computers with single-head DisplayPort outputs, while the DPN-4Duo can control four computers with dual-head DisplayPort outputs. These new switches enable users to get the incredible resolution offered by DisplayPort 1.2 connections, which can reach up to an incredible 3840x2160 video resolution.

Both new switches support Windows, Mac and Linux computers, with full USB keyboard and mouse emulation. These devices provide a hardware-only solution with no need for software or drivers. Users simply connect and plug in the computers and components, and they’ll be ready to go.

“The DPN series makes it easier than ever to manage four PCs with DisplayPort video from a signal workstation,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “It’s never been more cost-effective to implement a DisplayPort KVM solution, and these switches are plug-and-play ready, too.”

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