The newly released HDMV-9X allows users to view up to nine HDMI video sources simultaneously from a single monitor.

North Hollywood, CA (January 13, 2015) – For a full high definition multiviewing system that incorporates the latest in HD video, the new HDMV-9X from SmartAVI delivers nine HDMI inputs with crystal clear video output. The HDMV-9X allows users to view all nine inputs simultaneously, or users can choose to view one, two or four inputs at a time on a single monitor or other display device.

Switching between the inputs is simple with front panel buttons, RS-232 commands, optional Ethernet control and the user-friendly On Screen Display. With a wide variety of viewing options, systems architects and end users can create the ideal multiviewing scenario, whether it’s in production studios, security centers, air traffic control rooms and a host of other venues.

From HD television feeds to Blu-ray players to live cameras, the HDMV series of multiviewers enables users to manage it all from one location. With inexpensive DVI-D video converters, users can also attach virtually any DVI-D source to the multiviewer device, as well.

“Our HDMV line of multiviewers has been quite popular among our clients, and we have continued innovating by adding more HDMI inputs for increased multiviewing capabilities,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “This new nine-port multiviewer more than doubles the capacity, giving users more flexibility and freedom than ever before.”

SmartAVI to Exhibit New 4K Products and More at InfoComm 2014 this Month

SmartAVI will display its latest innovations in digital signage, video walls and more at the 2014 InfoComm trade show in Las Vegas.

North Hollywood, CA (June 4, 2014) – American-based professional audio/video electronics manufacturer SmartAVI will exhibit its latest products at this year’s InfoComm trade show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from June 18 to June 20. The trade show will be focusing on digital signage, and SmartAVI has several new digital signage and video wall products that it will be featuring, including the latest in 4K technology.

Among SmartAVI’s new digital signage and video wall products are: the 4K-Wall, a 2x2 video wall hardware controller with support for 4K resolution that also doubles a 4x4 HDMI matrix; the SignWall-4K, a 4K resolution video wall and digital signage controller that features support for live video from four to 16 screens; and the Signage-4K, the most user-friendly 4K digital signage controller on the market today.

Additionally, SmartAVI will showcase products geared to towards secure KVM and A/V signal distribution, including the FXCore-MX88, a fiber optic matrix for secure and long distance KVM functionality and A/V signal distribution, and the HDMV-16X, a 16-port real-time multiviewer.

“We are thrilled to be back at InfoComm this year to display our latest products,” said Albert Cohen, Chief Engineer at SmartAVI. “With lots of new products and innovations in 2014, we are happy to have the opportunity to share our pro A/V products with dealers, potential customers and others in the industry.”

Visitors can find SmartAVI at booth number C4915. To register for the show, visit For more information about all of the products manufactured by SmartAVI, visit

New Fiber Optic Matrix Switches from SmartAVI Deliver Secure, Long-Distance KVM and AV Routing

The newly-released FXCore-Pro KVM matrix and the FXCore-AV AV matrix deliver uncompressed signal routing up to 30 miles between connected devices over fiber optics.

For the absolute best in secure and long-distance KVM operation and audio/video content distribution, the new line of FXCore fiber optic matrix switches by SmartAVI provides the ideal solution for the most demanding applications. The new FXCore-Pro delivers smooth and customizable DVI KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) management over fiber optics, while the FXCore-AV routes high-definition audio and video over fiber optics.

A key aspect of SmartAVI’s new fiber optic matrix solutions is the incredible distances these devices can traverse. In singlemode, users have 15 miles of signal extension from the matrix to the end point. That means two devices connected via the matrix can be as far as 30 miles from each other. In multimode, users have 1,500 feet of extension from the matrix, which becomes 3,000 feet of connectivity from end point to end point.

Both the FXCore-Pro and FXCore-AV come with eight fiber optic inputs and eight fiber optic outputs (8×8 configuration). Thanks to the high bandwidth of fiber optic cables, these new matrixes deliver uncompressed signals. Whether users are routing KVM signals or audio/video signals, maintaining crisp, HD clarity is crucial. The FXCore-Pro also routes stereo audio and RS-232 signals for enhanced operation. Both devices are manufactured in America for the utmost in quality.

“Our new fiber optic matrix solutions are essential for ultra-secure and long-distance connectivity,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “For top-quality KVM and AV distribution, there is no better or more aggressively-priced option than the FXCore line.”

The StretcherPro-HD 2x2 video wall controller is a user-friendly hardware controller that delivers the best in HD video management for all of the latest video content.

North Hollywood, CA (May 14, 2014) – Displaying the latest Blu-ray DVDs, live televised events in HD and personalized video content has never been easier or more visually striking than with the new StretcherPro-HD video wall controller from SmartAVI. This four-output HDMI device delivers an all-in-one, HDCP-compliant hardware solution for managing 2x2 video walls with amazing resolution. Users can customize their video wall on the fly with no need for computers, software or any prior experience with video walls.

With simple plug-and-play technology and automatic EDID learning built in, users only need to plug an HDMI video source into the device and route it to four displays over HDMI. The StretcherPro-HD features SmartAVI’s handy On Screen Display (OSD) functionality, giving users quick access to additional display options. Supported configurations include Wall Mode (2x2), Dual Horizontal (2x1 pair), Dual Vertical (1x2 pair) and Clone Mode (four screens each displaying the entire image).

The StretcherPro-HD supports any input resolution from 800x600 to 1920x1080. With affordable HDMI-to-DVI-D adaptors and video extenders available from SmartAVI, users can easily create an enticing and cost-effective video wall that perfectly fits each individual’s needs. The device can also be customized with an optional Internet connection for more flexibility.

“The StretcherPro-HD is an exciting addition to our wide variety of video wall and digital signage controllers,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “With the incredible images it can display and its unique screen configurations, this device gives users stunning video resolutions and lots of display options.”

Affordable New 4K HDMI Matrix Switch from SmartAVI Offers the Best in 4K Ultra HD Video Management

The newly-released HDR-4x4-Plus video matrix from SmartAVI supports incredible 4K Ultra HD resolutions at a surprisingly low price.

The stunning clarity of 4K resolution displays and content is here, and the new HDR-4×4-Plus from American-based manufacturer SmartAVI will enable systems architects and end users to get the most of their new 4K set ups. The device is an HDMI matrix switch that supports 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160 @30Hz) input and output, allowing users to manage four sources and four screens at a time.

This new matrix switch is compact, easy to use and aggressively priced at only $799 for a limited time. The HDR-4×4-Plus delivers HDTV resolutions from 480p to 4K. The matrix works with Blu-ray players, PCs, cable and satellite boxes, and other devices with an HDMI output, including the newest 4K content players. This affordable video matrix takes up just a single rack unit, making it easy to implement in a wide variety of environments.

Users can switch to any source locally using the front panel tact switches or with an RS-232 connection using SmartAVI’s Windows-based software that is easy to understand and simple to use – a cornerstone of all SmartAVI products. The matrix can also be operated with the included infrared remote control.

“As 4K content becomes more prevalent, users are going to need AV equipment that enables them to distribute that content with its full resolution,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “This new addition to our line of HDMI matrixes provides the perfect solution for user-friendly 4K Ultra HD content management, and it comes at the low price people expect from SmartAVI.”

SmartAVI and High Sec Labs Expand Secure KVM Line for Critical Network Security

Smart Security Labs, the partnership between SmartAVI and High Sec Labs, continues to add secure KVM products to fill the rapidly expanding need for secure network connections.

North Hollywood, CA (May 8, 2014) – As security and hacking issues continue to dominate news headlines, Smart Security Labs, a partnership between the American-based SmartAVI and the Israeli-based High Sec Labs, is expanding its secure KVM series to service the growing demand for improved network security. With decades of combined experience dealing with KVM and high-security networking devices, the Smart Security Labs partnership delivers the expertise and reliability users and systems architects need when building secure network connections that remain stalwart against the latest hacking techniques.

The expanded series of KVM devices – including KM and combiner/multiviewer products – provides protection against every known KVM attack. With EAL4+ certification, users know they are protected from hackers. With a dozen secure KVM and KM devices available from Smart Security Labs, users will find the ideal solution for their needs. Visit to see all of the secure KVM products currently offered.

Smart Security Labs’ devices can connect between two and 16 computers, with support for single or multiple displays and multiviewing capabilities. Features include always-on anti-tampering capabilities, unidirectional optical data diodes, anti-tampering holographic labels and the highest security compliances available, making this secure KVM line the most dependable solution for all mission-critical environments, specifically government and defense uses.

“After the successful roll out of Smart Security Labs’ secure KVM devices in March, we are excited to expand our product line.” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “These products are critical for maintaining secure connections, which is an ever-growing need in today’s world.”

New KM Switch from SmartAVI Delivers Driverless Control of up to Eight Multi-Head PCs

The newly-released SKM-08 KM switch enables quick and user-friendly control over eight computers with easy-to-implement driverless functionality.

To manage up to eight computers with support for driverless multi-head operation, the new SKM-08 from SmartAVI offers the best in quick, user-friendly KM switching to get the most out of nearly any multiple-computer environment. With driverless operation, the SKM-08 is able to switch keyboard and mouse control among virtually all computers with no need for software or updates, and it supports both single and multi-head display outputs.

This new addition to SmartAVI’s line of KM (Keyboard and Mouse) and KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) switches delivers an ultra-affordable device for simple switching between as many as eight computers. The SKM-08 features SmartAVI’s new PASS (Progressive Automatic Screen Switching) technology, which enables the device to automatically switch computers based on where the user’s mouse goes. PASS works when the switch is controlling single-head computers. For on-the-fly switching when using multi-head computers, the device offers switching that is engaged through a double mouse middle click. RS-232 control and front panel switching are also supported.

The SKM-08 is a critical piece of gear for a wide variety of applications and situations. It allows users to quickly manage eight computers with ease. Thanks to four USB 2.0 ports for the user’s work station, items like scanners, printers, USB hard drives and other peripherals can be used in conjunction with a keyboard and mouse.

“Being able to manage multiple computers, often with multiple screens, is an important need in many professional environments,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “The SKM-08 delivers reliable and user-friendly operation at the low price our customers expect.”

New HDMI Splitters from SmartAVI Deliver 4K2K Resolution for Incredible HD Video

The newly-released pair of HDMI Splitters from SmartAVI gives users the easiest and most cost-effective way of sending one HD source to multiple screens.

North Hollywood, CA (April 25, 2014) – To get the most out a single HDMI signal – like HDTV signals or Blu-ray players, the new series of HDS splitters from SmartAVI provides users with the ideal solution for routing one signal to multiple high definition displays. With 4K2K functionality, these new splitters can handle the latest in HDMI signal technology, including stunning 4K resolution and 3D video.

The series includes the HDS4P, with four output ports to view a signal on four screens, and the HDS2P, with two output ports to view a signal on two screens. With no signal loss, these splitters instantaneously deliver incredible high-definition images. Better still, these splitters provide a hardware-only solution, meaning installation is as simple as connecting the input device and screens to the splitter. There’s no need for multiple input devices to run multiple screens when using these cost-effective splitters.

“Users want to get the most out of their HD devices, and our latest HDMI splitters give them the flexibility they need,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “With plug-and-play technology, these devices are the easiest way to handle 4K2K display environments.”

Affordable New 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch from SmartAVI Delivers Compact and Cost-Effective Solution

Affordable New 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch from SmartAVI Delivers Compact and Cost-Effective Solution 

The newly-released HDR8X8LP from SmartAVI offers full HDMI matrix capabilities in a surprisingly small device at an impressively low price.

North Hollywood, CA (July 8, 2014) – With a compact design and inexpensive price tag, the new HDR8X8LP provides top-quality HDMI matrix switching functions with eight HDMI inputs and eight HDMI outputs. Never before has such a powerful piece of hardware delivered higher functionality in a device this small and cost-effective. End users and systems architects alike will appreciate the user-friendly operation this space-saving device delivers, and the low price makes it even more attractive.

The HDR8X8LP provides HDMI output up to 40 feet with HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. The matrix works with Blu-ray players, PCs, cable and satellite boxes, and other devices with an HDMI output. This affordable video matrix takes up just a single rack unit, making it easy to implement in a wide variety of environments.

Users can switch to any source locally via an RS-232 connection. The matrix can be controlled by Windows-based software that is easy to understand and simple to use – a cornerstone of all SmartAVI products. The matrix can also be switched remotely over the Internet with a version of the device that features an internal network.

 “The HDR8X8LP shows our continued dedication to offering professional A/V products at a discount,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “Our customers appreciate the quality and aggressively-priced solutions we offer, and this new HDMI matrix switch exemplifies that.”

For more information on the HDR8X8LP HDMI matrix switch, visit To see all of the professional audio/video products offered by SmartAVI, visit

The newly-released HD video matrix switches from SmartAVI utilize Cat5e/6 cabling to deliver crystal clear video with HDMI or DVI-D signals over long distances, expandable up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs.


SmartAVI continues to expand its popular MXCore series of video matrix switches by offering several new and powerful HD video matrixes under the MXCore label. The new MXCore-UH and MXCore-UD use HDMI and DVI-D inputs, respectively, while extending signals over built-in Cat5e/6 connections. Combining these two technologies gives users and systems architects the control they need when designing and using a quality audio/video network.


With configurations going up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs, users can control a wide variety of input sources and output devices all from one location. Even better, the MXCore-UH and MXCore-UD can be managed through SmartAVI’s IR-Blaster, a simple and effective add-on product that allows users to control the matrix and the input devices via remote control. That makes switching sources and controlling the sources themselves easier than ever.

Also new to the popular MXCore series of matrix routers is the MXCore-DX. This unit features 32 DVI inputs and 32 DVI outputs, providing a quality option for any and all DVI-D signal routing needs.

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