SmartAVI to Exhibit New Products at InfoComm 2014

SmartAVI will display its latest innovations in video walls, digital signage and secure KVM devices at the 2014 InfoComm trade show in Las Vegas.

North Hollywood, CA (April 17, 2014) – American-based professional audio/video electronics manufacturer SmartAVI ( will exhibit its latest products at this year’s InfoComm trade show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from June 18 to June 20.  The company has spent the last six months releasing a host of new products, such as digital signage, video walls, secure KVM devices and more, all of which will be showcased at its booth at InfoComm.

SmartAVI’s has a variety of new digital signage and video wall products, including: the DigiMenu-Pro, a user-friendly digital menu controller complete with software and customizable templates; the 4K-Wall, a 2x2 video wall hardware controller with support for 4K resolution that also doubles a 4x4 HDMI matrix; and the SignWall-Pro, a video wall and digital signage controller that features support for live video from four to 16 screens.

Additionally, SmartAVI will showcase products geared to towards secure KVM and A/V signal distribution, including the FXCore-MX88, a fiber optic matrix for secure and long distance KVM functionality and A/V signal distribution, and the HDMVPlus, a four-port real-time multiviewer and KVM/USB switch.

 “We are excited to once again exhibit our latest products at InfoComm.” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “System architects and end users across the globe utilize our reliable A/V products, and we’re ready to share our newest advancements at this important trade show.”

Visitors can find SmartAVI at booth number C4915. To register for the show, visit For more information about all of the products manufactured by SmartAVI, visit

About SmartAVI                                                                           

SmartAVI, Inc. is a world-leading innovator of professional AV products based in North Hollywood, California. SmartAVI is internationally known for its aggressively-priced, high-quality audio/visual signal management solutions. Users that have embraced SmartAVI's expertise include: NASA, Boeing, DreamWorks Studios, Johnson & Johnson, the United States Army, Procter & Gamble Company, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Lockhead Martin, Monte Carlo Resort, and Miller Brewing Company. Learn more at


The newly-released DVNET Pro Series of KVM switches from SmartAVI delivers professional KVM functionality over DVI-D for expanded workflow productivity, larger desktop workspaces and more.

North Hollywood, CA (January 16, 2014) – For reliable and efficient DVI-D KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) functions, the new DVNET Pro Series of KVM switches from SmartAVI provides expandable and secure solutions for a wide variety of applications. From two ports to 16 ports, the DVNET Pro Series offers quick and effective KVM switching with uninterrupted USB emulation and hotkey operation.

Thanks to USB emulation, the DVNET Pro Series can maintain contact with all connected computers simultaneously, eliminating wait times as users switch control from computer to computer. This new series of DVI-D KVM switches also supports audio, USB 2.0 sharing and RS-232 commands, all from one central location. All DVNET Pro switches support both PC and Mac.

The DVNET Pro Series includes the DVN-16Pro, with 16 ports; the DVN-8Pro, with eight ports; the DVN-4Pro, with four ports; the DVN-4Quad, with four ports and four displays; the DVN-4Trio, with four ports and three displays; and the DVN-4Duo, with four ports and two displays. System architects can even sequence multiple switches together to connect even larger amounts of computers.

“With an endless amount of applications, including server hosting, government operations, programming, video editing and many more, the DVNET Pro Series provides the best in KVM functionality and an expanded workflow productivity for any user or venue,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “And with uninterrupted USB emulation, KVM switching has never been so efficient.”

For more information on the DVNET Pro Series, go to, and to learn more about all of the professional AV products SmartAVI offers, visit

Smart Security Labs, a new partnership between SmartAVI and High Sec Labs, has released the very best in protected KVM switches and mulitviewers available on the market.

North Hollywood, CA (March 26, 2014) – To develop and distribute the most secure KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) products available, the American-based SmartAVI and the Israeli-based High Sec Labs (HSL) have combined forces to create Smart Security Labs. With decades of experience in the KVM market, no one is better positioned than Smart Security Labs to take the lead with a new series of KVM devices – including KM products – that provide protection against every known KVM attack. With EAL4+ certification, users know they are protected from hackers.

KVM communications have quickly become a primary target for hackers looking to break into isolated networks through computers of different security levels. Increased security concerns in a wide variety of markets – namely, government and defense applications – have created a serious need for secure KVM products. The Smart Security Labs partnership has taken a leadership role in the industry to fulfill this need for systems architects and end users alike. 

The new line of secure KVM products from Smart Security Labs delivers solutions to those vulnerabilities, giving users the capability to connect top-secret networks with unclassified networks and even computers connected to the Internet, all while maintaining secure isolation. Visit to learn more.

Products in this new line can connect between two and 16 computers, with support for single or multiple displays and multiviewing capabilities. Features include always-on anti-tampering capabilities, unidirectional optical data diodes, anti-tampering holographic labels and the highest security compliances available, making the secure KVM line offered Smart Security Labs the most reliable and trustworthy solution for all mission-critical environments.

Smart Security Labs is dedicated to a complete start-to-finish process specifically targeted toward government applications. It starts with intensive research and development, quality-controlled manufacturing, rigorous testing and responsive support, all of which meet the exacting demands required in government and defense settings.

“We are very pleased to partner with High Sec Labs and their CEO Aviv Sofer, who is an absolute leader in this industry.” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “The line of products we now offer unquestionably delivers the highest security levels for KVM connectivity on the market.”

For more information regarding this new line of secure KVM devices, visit For more information about all of the professional AV products offered by SmartAVI, visit

High Sec Labs

HSL is a leading vendor and testing laboratory for wide variety of cyber defense tools such as secure KVMs, KVM combiners, KMs and data pumps. The company also provides highest security tactical equipment installed in the latest nuclear submarines and military airborne platforms. HSL technologies and components are used by the world's largest suppliers in this area. Established in 2008, HSL is a privately held Israeli company. Visit to learn more.

SignWall-Pro Digital Signage and Video Wall PlayerFor a multitude of multiple screen applications, the new SignWall-Pro is a highly customizable video wall and digital signage controller that supports live video input.

North Hollywood, CA (January 9, 2014) – Creating the optimal video wall or digital signage display is easier than ever with the newly released SignWall-Pro from the California-based electronics manufacturer SmartAVI. The SignWall-Pro digital signage and video wall controller allows users to direct up to four HD video displays in highly customizable ways. Users can even employ multiple SignWall-Pro controller boxes to create displays that use as many as 16 screens to create a truly unique and seamless visual experience.

SignWall-Pro also adds an exciting new feature called Video Capture, allowing users to quickly and easily route HD video signals and even live camera feeds to the display on demand. This additional flexibility allows users to enhance their video content on the fly with live television feeds, DVDs and more direct messaging than ever before.

In addition to its powerful and highly customizable digital signage software, SmartAVI offers a wide variety of preconfigured templates for users who need a bright and beautiful video wall or digital signage solution that offers the simplicity of plug-and-play operation. SignWall-Pro makes it easy to include all kinds of media, including video, images, HTML 5 Widgets, RSS Feeds, scrolling text and more.

“This new product gives our customers incredible control over a video wall or digital signage installation in their businesses,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “With the live video input provided by the video capture feature, the possibilities and applications are virtually endless.”

For more information on SignWall-Pro, go to here, and to learn more about the professional AV products SmartAVI offers, visit

The newly-released series of HDMI extenders by SmartAVI includes useful extender racks, allowing users to craft the right HD signal distribution for their needs.

North Hollywood, CA (March 5, 2014) – For uncompressed HDMI signal extension, the new series of extenders from SmartAVI provide the answer users need. With the new RKT8-HDX100 and RKT16-HDX100 HDMI extender racks, users can extend eight or 16 HDMI signals up to 150 feet in one compact and rack-mountable unit. For those looking to link smaller amounts of HDMI devices, the HDX-LX provides 250 feet of extension, including bi-directional IR capabilities.

SmartAVI developed these products to expand its line of HDMI extenders with guidance from customer feedback. With the HDX-LX, users will find an affordable device that utilizes HDBaseT technology. With the RKT rack units, users will get an aggressively-priced and user-friendly system to manage wire organization.

A key feature of the HDX-LX and RKT rack units is their use of inexpensive Cat5/6 cables. These are the same cables that people rely on day in and day out to deliver LAN and Internet signals. For the extension of HD signals, Cat5/6 cables provide users with economical way to send crystal clear HDMI signals quickly and effectively.

“Users need the freedom and flexibility to create the right signal flow for their needs, and our newest signal extenders give systems architects lots of options,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “Even better, these are cost-effective solutions that are easy to implement.”

For more information on the RKT8-HDX100, RKT16-HDX100 and HDX-LX signal extenders, go to

For government, medical, academic and other secure uses of DVI KVM, the new FXCORE-MX88 Fiber Optic Matrix from SmartAVI is the most safe, reliable and efficient USA-manufactured matrix on the market.

North Hollywood, CA (December 19, 2013) – In mission-critical environments where fast and secure DVI KVM management over long distances is essential, the new FXCORE-MX88 Fiber Optic Matrix from SmartAVI is the ideal solution. By utilizing durable and protected fiber optic cables which are immune to electromagnetic interference, system architects can use the FXCORE-MX88 to create the ultimate system for secure KVM connections and other signal routing.

SmartAVI developed new technologies for DVI KVM management over fiber optic cables, breaking the distance limits of previous fiber optic matrixes. With up to 15 miles of connectivity between the matrix and a connected device using single-mode cables, users can now link up to 30 miles between connected devices for KVM operation through the FXCORE-MX88.

With eight inputs and eight outputs (8x8 configuration), the FXCORE-MX88 routes uncompressed signals for KVM functions, including 1080p HD video, 7.1 digital audio, USB keyboard, USB mouse and RS-232. Manufactured in the USA, this new fiber optic matrix utilizes both single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cabling, giving users complete flexibility. In multi-mode, devices can connect as far as 1,400 feet away, allowing for 2,800 feet of connectivity between devices. “The new FXCORE-MX88 is an important addition to our product line for our clients who require ultra-secure connectivity in the daily use of signal routing and KVM operation,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “Uncompressed signal is also a necessity when users need to see every pixel, whether that’s in a medical facility, security control center or other significant venues.”

For more information on the FXCORE-MX88, go to To see more of the professional-quality audio and video products produced by SmartAVI, please visit

With support of four inputs and four outputs, the new 4K-Wall 2x2 video wall controller and 4x4 video matrix is a customizable HDMI/DVI solution that can be managed directly through the hardware controller.

North Hollywood, CA (February 21, 2014) – To create a high-resolution, unique and low-maintenance video wall, users need look no further than the newly released 4K-Wall from SmartAVI. This high-definition video wall hardware controller is the most useable and easy-to-manage 4k resolution product on the market, thanks to its intuitive, hardware-only design. With four inputs and four outputs, users can customize their video wall on the fly with no need for computers, software or any prior experience with video walls. This flexible hardware solution also features all of the capabilities of a 4x4 HDMI and DVI matrix and is HDCP compliant.

The 4K-Wall is an all-hardware solution, providing simple plug-and-play technology that anyone can use. With convenient On Screen Display (OSD) functionality, users can configure their video wall or other video display exactly how they want it to look with the click of a button. And with Integrated Web Server connectivity, users can also choose to configure the video wall from anywhere by connecting online. It’s never been easier to install or maintain a video wall with this new and innovative product.

A key aspect of the 4K-Wall is the way users can customize the way they display their video content, from one large image over four screens, to four images sent to each screen, and more. With programmable blending and positioning of all four sources, eye-catching formats can be generated and reconfigured instantly. This is the most flexible and intuitive video distribution product on the market today, thanks to its OSD and 4x4 HDMI/DVI matrix functionality.

“The 4K-Wall video wall controller and matrix switch is ideal for any venue because of how easy it is to implement,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “With the incredible images it can display and its 4x4 matrix capacity, there’s no limit to what users can accomplish for messaging, branding and informing an audience.”

For more information on the 4K-Wall, go to, and to learn more about all of the video walls, digital signage and professional AV products SmartAVI offers, visit

SmartAVI Releases New DigiMenu-Pro, the Ideal Restaurant Menu Solution

For restaurants of all sizes and styles, the new DigiMenu-Pro from SmartAVI is the perfect way to engage customers, make sales and increase business.

North Hollywood, CA (November 26, 2013) – Creating effective restaurant menus with attractive images and dynamic messaging is easier than ever with the newly released DigiMenu-Pro from SmartAVI. This new all-in-one menu solution delivers everything owners of restaurants, cafés and other food service venues need to create enticing menus that help drive sales and attract new customers.

A key aspect of the DigiMenu-Pro is its complete ease of use, thanks to plug-and-play technology. The system includes a small hardware box with an HDMI output and SmartAVI’s user-friendly software to run and update the menu board over the Internet. Users can choose from a variety of attractive templates, build their own menu or have the SmartAVI team create a menu for them.

With mouth-watering images in crystal clear high definition video, restaurants can better entice and inform customers. And thanks to easy updates, creating daily specials or switching menus for different times of day just takes a few keystrokes, which can even be managed through automatic scheduling. Better still, the entire system costs less than $1,000.

Market research from top companies in the restaurant business has shown digital menus increase sales and improve the customer’s overall experience. Moreover, even the most basic single screen digital menu allows for advertising potential, opening another revenue stream for small businesses.

“We developed the DigiMenu-Pro by mixing our digital signage expertise with the precise needs of restaurant owners,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “Users can make better menus while saving big money on unnecessary printing and reprinting costs on their old menus, too.”

For more information on the DigiMenu-Pro, go to see more of the professional-quality audio and video products designed and manufactured in the USA by SmartAVI, please visit

About SmartAVI                                                                           

SmartAVI, Inc. is a world-leading innovator of digital signage and video/audio/control signal distribution and switching over UTP/STP and fiber optic cable, based in North Hollywood, California. SmartAVI is internationally known for its aggressively-priced, high-quality audio/visual signal management solutions. System architects everywhere have come to rely on SmartAVI's innovative technologies and commitment to the highest standards in AV solutions. Users that have embraced SmartAVI's expertise include: NASA, Boeing, DreamWorks Studios, Johnson & Johnson, the United States Army, Procter & Gamble Company, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Lockhead Martin, Monte Carlo Resort, and Miller Brewing Company.

The newly-released series of signal extenders over LAN infrastructure extends HDMI signals and DVI/VGA KVM operation via Cat5e/6.

North Hollywood, CA (January 29, 2014) – For HDMI and KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) signal extension, the new line of signal extenders from SmartAVI provides a useful and inexpensive way to break the distance barriers that previously limited end users. The new HLX-500 extends HDMI signals over LAN, and the new KLX-500 extends DVI and VGA KVM signals over LAN. Each device extends signals by 500 feet and is chainable, allowing for thousands of feet of signal extension by using multiple units.

A key feature of both the HLX-500 and the KLX-500 is that they enable users to employ preexisting LAN connections via Cat5e/6, making it easy to extend signals over long distances without requiring new, costly infrastructure. Additionally, users have the option of creating their own cabling solution by using inexpensive Cat5e/6 cables. Both devices are plug-and-play ready, eliminating the need for any software or driver installations.

Both the HLX-500 and KLX-500 deliver high resolution video with no degradation of signal when using a one gigabit switch. Alternately, in situations where such high resolution video isn’t necessary, users can forgo the additional switch for an incredibly cost-effective signal extension solution. Both units transmit stereo audio, and the KLX-500 manages RS-232 commands as well.

“The ability to utilize preexisting LAN infrastructure with smooth and efficient extension over long distances is critical,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “The fact that this is such an affordable and easy-to-implement solution further enhances the value of these products.”

For more information on the HLX-500 HDMI extender and the KLX-500 KVM extender, go to, and to learn more about all of the professional AV products SmartAVI offers, visit


SmartAVI Expands Global Reach by Opening Sales Operation in Brazil

The world-class audio and video products manufacturer SmartAVI has officially opened a sales office in Brazil, giving the booming Brazilian market easier access to the company’s pioneering A/V solutions.

North Hollywood, CA (October 31, 2013) – SmartAVI, an innovator of professional audio and video integration technologies, announced today the opening of a new sales operation in Brazil. The growing California-based company sought to tap into the flourishing market of Brazil, and this new opportunity provides the ideal pipeline to outfit Brazilian businesses, individuals and system architects with the audio and video technology they need to create striking high-definition multimedia environments.


As a designer and manufacturer of video switches, matrixes, digital signage, video wall systems, splitters, converters, and other professional AV solutions that are used across the globe, SmartAVI has consistently improved its standing in the world market for audio and video products since the company’s inception in 2007. Directly addressing the needs of the Brazilian market by establishing a dedicated Brazilian sales staff further enhances the international reputation of SmartAVI. The company has teamed with the respected Brazilian firm Mazer Distribution as a key partner on the backend to bolster the operation.

 “For SmartAVI, this new office gives us direct access to an exciting and growing audience of end users,” said Lucio Fayh, SmartAVI’s Brazilian sales Vice President. “We are excited to be aggressive in our continued international development.”

To see more of the professional-quality audio and video products produced by SmartAVI, please visit

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