Welcome to the new SMARTAVI.com!

Welcome to the new SMARTAVI.com!

SmartAVI's new website features a streamlined design, enhanced interactivity, and intuitive navigation to make your experience as engaging and easy as possible.

North Hollywood, CA (January 25, 2016) – We are proud to announce the launch of the new and improved SMARTAVI.com.

As global leaders in AV technology innovation, SmartAVI pushes for simple, concise, and enticing solutions for our clients and newcomers alike, so it was important that our web-presence reflect those ideals. We are pleased, in that case, that our new site not only looks great– it functions superbly.

SMARTAVI.com has an enhanced navigation layout, including top-bar product menus, prominent business correspondence tabs, and an animated showcase of our featured products. Contact information and links to our social media are also easy to find, displayed clearly at both the top and bottom of our page. Each of our products are listed seamlessly within the top-bar menu, categorized by product type and connector: simply hover your mouse over the section of your choosing and click on the product that works best for you!

Our site will also include updated documentation and media for our product pages. Easily browse our catalogue, complete with brochures, quick start manuals, pictures, video, and more for a better look at each solution we manufacture at SmartAVI. On top of that, we will be regularly promoting company news on our News-page and homepage, so you can stay up-to-date on our freshest offerings.

Visit SMARTAVI to find your next AV solution today, and stay tuned to learn about new products!

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