Multiviewer Solutions

Simultaneously view up to 16 video sources on a single display device with the use of SmartAVI Multiviewer Solutions. Multiviewer Solutions by SmartAVI enable users to view and command up to 16 connected video sources from the convenience of a single monitor. It is the perfect solution for applications that require real-time visual supervision in high definition 1080p. Switching between sources is effortless with a variety of control methods, including front panel buttons on the device, RS-232 commands, USB keyboard-mouse, and more!

High-definition multiviewers are used in many scenarios requiring real-time monitoring of multiple devices, such as HDTV, DVD players, cameras and computers. Security, entertainment, and supervising professionals of all sorts rely on multiviewer solutions to keep tabs on various video sources at the same time.

Each Multiviewer Solution comes with a variety of viewing modes ideal for different viewing applications. View each connect HD source at the same time with our standard multiviewing mode, or expand a single connected source in full screen mode. Watch two sources simultaneously in dual mode, or four with quad mode. Whatever configuration you need most, count on SmartAVI Multiviewer Solutions to offer the one ideal for you!

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VGA & DVI Multiviewers

SmartAVI VGA & DVI Multiviewers consolidate signals from multiple HD video sources, and deliver them to a single connected display for an all-in-one view. Great for compiling video from security feeds or video channels, our Multiviewing Solutions are a perfect fit for multi-tasking operators of any skill level!

HDMI Multiviewers

SmartAVI HDMI Multiviewers offer enhanced HD output for an ideal multi-source viewing solution! HDMI Multiviewers compile signals from multiple connected video sources and send them to a single display for a convenient all-in-one view.

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