Pro AV Solutions

SmartAVIPro AV Solutions deliver simple yet powerful AV hardware enhancements for your ideal audio-video set-up. Choose from robust line of Extenders, Splitters, Matrixes, Switches, Video Converters, and Accessories for the perfect Pro AV Solution to fit your needs.


Extend video signals and KVM operations over Cat5e/6 with Extenders manufactured by SmartAVI. All Extenders are usually sold in pairs, including a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter unit connects to the source and the receiver unit connects to the display. With KVM Extenders, users can access connected computers locally or they can use Cat5e/6 cabling for inexpensive and long-distance signal transmission and KVM management.

The full line of video and KVM Extenders from SmartAVI includes VGA Extenders, DVI Extenders, HDMI Extenders, Component Extenders, Composite Extenders and Audio/Video Extenders. USB Extenders, IR Extenders and RS-232 Command Extenders are also available.

Video and KVM Extenders allow users to extend video signals up to 1080p HDMI video. With Fiber Optic Extenders, users can extend signals with the utmost in security over long distances. Using Cat5e/6 and Fiber Optic cabling for extending video and KVM signals removes the need for bulky cable connections. Extenders are essential for situations where monitors are located away from computers or servers, including business, military, medical,and educational environments.


Video Splitters display the same image over multiple displays at the same time. Splitters use built-in amplifiers to ensure the video signal is strong and there is no degradation. Crystal clear signal transmission from video Splitters make it look like each display is connected directly to the video source. Users can cascade multiple video Splitters to display the same image over an unlimited number of screens. SmartAVI offers a variety of video Splitters, including VGA Splitters, HDMI Splitters, DVI Splitters and Audio/Video Splitters.

Applications include advertising, digital signage, high definition broadcasting, restaurants, civic centers, remote monitoring, and many more. In conjunction with video extenders, end users can apply video Splitters from SmartAVI to create the ideal audio and video solution for their needs. SmartAVI carries a full range of Splitters, including VGA Splitters over Cat5e/6 cables, DVI Splitters over Cat5e/6 cables and HDMI Splitters over Cat5e/6 cables.


Video Switches allow users to share a single monitor for multiple sources, including computers, DVD players, gaming consoles and more. Video Switches are a great entry level KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) control solution, as they enable users to reduce the need for expensive displays by letting them switch sources to a single display with ease. SmartAVI produces a wide array of professional-quality Switches, including DVI Switches,DVI-USB Switches, HDMI Switches, Cat5 Switches and Audio/Video Switches. These Switches utilize direct connectors and Cat5e/6 cabling, and can also control IR and RS-232 commands. Inputs can be selected via IR remote control or the front panel.

Applications for video Switches include control rooms, IT administration, restaurants, home theater integration, digital signage, film/recording studios, dealer rooms, hotels and many more. All HDMI Switches are High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliant, and every SmartAVI video Switch is in full compliance with the respective regulatory bodies. SmartAVI offers video switches that support up to 32 ports, all USB 2.0 devices (flash drives, printers, cameras, scanners, etc.), and up to 1920x1200 resolution with zero pixel loss.


Video Matrix routers are used for switching and routing video and KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) control from multiple sources to multiple displays instantly. A Matrix mixes the functionality of video switch and video splitter with KVM operation. Any of the inputs can be routed and displayed on any of the outputs, and users can cascade multiple Matrixes together to create an even more expansive Matrix system. With crystal clear image and audio quality, the ability to instantly switch sources and displays, and control of IR and RS-232 commands, Matrixes provide a powerful yet user-friendly way to control a vast amount of visuals without bulky cabling or excess equipment. 

SmartAVI manufactures a wide variety of video Matrix routers, including DVI Matrix routersVGA Matrix routers, HDMI Matrix routers and Fiber Optic Matrix routers. With configurations up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs, and uncompressed video resolutions up to 1080p, users can create the professional A/V environment they need. Manufactured in the USA and aggressively priced, the line of video Matrix routers from SmartAVI provides the utmost in quality and value. All routing functions can be handled via the front panel, IR remote or online from anywhere in the world.

Applications for video Matrixes include control rooms, airports, digital signage, wall displays, audio/video presentations, shopping centers, security centers, hotels and resorts, and many more. SmartAVI is internationally recognized as a top manufacturer of video Matrix routers.


Professional audio/video environments require professional audio/video Accessories. System architects and end users rely on SmartAVI to deliver quality Accessories, including EDID Accessories, Cat5 Accessories, IR Accessories, USB Accessories, Rack Accessories and more. SmartAVI has a wide range of affordable Accessories to assist in signal distribution, extension and switching needs, including transmitters and receivers.


Simultaneously view up to four video sources on a single display device with the use of HDMI multiviewers. HDMI multiviewers by SmartAVI enable users to control one source while monitoring the other three. It is the perfect solution for applications that require real-time monitoring of multiple computers while supporting high resolutions of up to 1080p. Switching between sources is effortless by using the easy to read font panel, keyboard hotkeys, RS232 commands, and on screen display.

High-definition multiviewers are used in many scenarios requiring real-time monitoring of multiple devices, such as HDTV, DVD players, cameras and computers. It is the perfect solution in situations where a user needs to monitor several sources at the same time.

Depending on your needs, consider selecting an HD multiviewer which offers several different on-screen display (OSD) options. With four sources connected you need to be able to view all four systems at the same time. When you need to have a larger view of a particular source, then the consoles should support full-screen viewing. Similarly, if there are only two sources, then the display should support viewing 2 sources at half-screen. The last mode, Picture-in-Picture (PIP) is handy for light monitoring requirements of source which isn't very active. The simplest method for switching between these settings is an on-screen display which is accessed from a front panel control of the high-definition multiviewer and programmable hot-keys..

Video Converters

Video Converters are hardware devices that allow users to convert video from one signal format into another, such as from VGA to HDMI, for example. The Video Converters built by SmartAVI provide simple plug-and-play operation, and include VGA Converters, DVI Converters and HDMI Converters. This series of devices enables users to link previous technology formats with the newest updates without requiring a complete overhaul of their audio/video system. S-Video, Composite, Component, Coaxial and RGB Video Converters are also available. Wide screen video formats are supported, as well. These devices can be used to convert a video signal from a computer to a television.

With quick resolution detection and slim cabling, the Video Converters from SmartAVI are the best on the market and are offered at highly competitive prices. Save serious money by installing a simple and easy-to-use Converter instead of buying an array of expensive new A/V gear to connect devices. No matter the video format conversion requirement, SmartAVI has an affordable and effective solution available.

Remote Power

Remote Power Management allows data center managers, IT administrators and facility managers to improve energy efficiency and uptime while finding stranded power capacity. All Remote Power solutions from SmartAVI are standards based and fit into existing infrastructures seamlessly. Remote Power enables users to employ power resources more efficiently, save on operating expenses, quantify Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), and manage green data center initiatives.

Environmental automation is also used in building management for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning temperature control, as well as for food refrigeration and fire sprinkler system monitoring and management. Utility companies reduce costs by using IP-managed meter readings. The usage readings are collected remotely from water, gas and electrical meters. All Remote Power Management products from SmartAVI are easy to use, extremely cost effective and are optimized for use in US, EU and in Australia.

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