Secure KVM

Secure KVM switches enable users to switch between multiple computers while protecting the connections from leaks and hackers. Smart Security Labs, a division of SmartAVI in partnership with High Sec Labs, produces the best Secure KVM switches for mission-critical environments, including government and defense applications. Smart Security Labs currently offers three types of Secure KVM devices.

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Secure DVI KVM

In many applications, users may want a different video setup than is provided by a Secure KVM switch. That’s when a Secure KM switch is needed. With Virtual Display Technology, users can set up a multiple-screen workstation that allows them to switch KM operations by simply moving the mouse from screen to screen. This also enables the user to monitor all connected computers without needing to switch.


Secure KVM switches enable users to switch between multiple computers with secure isolation. Users can manage as few as two computers, or they can chain multiple KVM switches together to manage dozens of computers. With support for single or multiple screens, users can create the right KVM environment while maintaining superior security standards.

Secure DP KVM

Users often need the option to operate KVM functions while monitoring the other computers that are connected to the secure KVM device. For those applications, a Secure Multiviewer provides the best solution, giving users both KVM functionality and multiviewing options on one or two display. Multiviewers are sometimes known as Combiners.

Secure KM Switch

Access and control USB keyboard-mouse operations on remote computer systems with SmartAVI Secure KM Switches. Built for optimal security and protection from malicious outside intrusion, Secure KM switches are essential when handling of sensitive info in applications such as data transfers, clandestine communications, and mission critical databasing.

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